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George R. Moon

451st Bomber Squadron, 322nd Bomber Group, Medium

Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces

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Grave Location:

Plot D, Row 1, Grave 34

TSgt. George R. Moon was born on February 1923 in Salmon Bay, Wash. As soon as Moon was old enough he joined the U.S. Army Air Forces where he studied avionics.

Moon fishing off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington.

In his letters home he lamented about the long exercises, living quarters, and daunting inspections, stating, “Oh-h-h Mommy. I wanna go home.” 

Moon as a young boy with his sisters.

After graduating with the Tryndall Field Aerial Gunners Class 42-14, Squadron B in April 1942, Moon became Acting Section Chief at air bases in South Carolina and Louisiana. Five months later, he was sent to Great Sailing, Andrews Air Base, England with the 41stBomb Squadron, 322ndBomb Group.

Moon's B-26 Marauder ‚ ėPickled-Dilly‚ ô.

Moon, a B-26 radio operator/aerial gunner on the B-26 Marauder ‘Pickled-Dilly,’ had been waiting for transport home after completing his missions when on July 7, 1944, his best friend, who had a wife and child at home, was ordered on one final mission. Moon volunteered to take his place. The ‘Pickled-Dilly’, on its 106th mission, was sent alongside 32 B-26s and three Pathfinder aircraft on a bombing mission to the V-1 Flying Bomb Headquarters at Château de Ribeaucourt, France. Attacks from German fighter aircrafts began immediately in the Oisemont area. The onslaught of 40-50 twin and single engine enemy fighters did not let up until ten miles out of the English Channel. Heavy flak and searchlights resulted in many casualties. The ‘Pickled-Dilly’ was one of nine B-26s that were shot down on the mission. All aboard were killed.   

Tech Sgt. Moon receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 11 Gold Stars, Purple Heart

Distinguished Flying Cross

George R. Moon is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot D, Row 1, Grave 34.