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Augustine Patterson Little, Jr.

922nd Engineer Regiment, Aviation

Colonel, U.S. Army

Entered the Service from:




Grave Location:

Plot A, Row 11, Grave 15

Col. Augustine Patterson Little graduated from West Point and then earned a master’s degree in civil engineering. He commanded the 814thEngineer Aviation Battalion during the North African Campaign and the invasion of Sicily, followed by the 922nd Engineer Aviation Regiment during the invasion of Europe. He was awarded the Soldier’s Medal and Legion of Merit during the North African Campaign. 

Col. Augustine P. Little, Jr. with his wife, Martha Helen Fielis in the West Point Cadet Chapel on June 13, 1937.

Little and his regiment landed in the second wave of landings in Normandy on June 7, 1944. One of his battalions built the first evacuation airfield following the landings. He remained on the frontlines during the entire Normandy Campaign. While he and his regiment were inspecting Le Bourget Airfield outside Paris on August 27, 1944, Little’s car came under fire and the driver, Cpl. Clifford Farr, was wounded. While Little and his executive officer attempted to pull Farr from the car, Little was hit in the stomach. He died two days later from his wounds in a nearby hospital.

Pre-war image of Le Bourget Airfield.

Awards: Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Soldier’s Medal

Augustine Patterson Little, Jr. is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot A, Row 11, Grave 15.