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Robert A. Lane

Combat Command "B", 2nd Armored Division

Major, U.S. Army

Entered the Service from:




Grave Location:

Plot A, Row 7, Grave 41

M8 Priest of the 2nd Armored Division moves through level crossing in Carentan in support of the 101st Airborne. June 18, 1944.

After graduating from Ohio State University in 1934, Maj. Robert A. Lane married LaVerne Shaffer.

Infantrymen of Combat Command B of the 2nd Armored Division wait in a sunken road west of Pont Brocard.

In late 1942, Lane said goodbye to LaVerne and his children and was sent across the Atlantic.  Prior to his participation in the D-Day landings, Lane spent time in Africa, Sicily and England fighting with his division. He and his unit sailed into Normandy on D-Day and gradually advanced through the hedgerows. They participated in the breakthrough at St. Lô, passing the Falaise Gap, to Conches. At the forward command post near Conches, on the afternoon of August 23, Lane was struck in the back by an exploding Nebelwefer rocket (commonly known as a German "Screaming Mimi").

Troops of the 2nd Armored Division, Combat Command B set up a 57 mm anti-tank gun in Pont Brocard, France ready for any enemy counterattack.

Just a few days before his death, a letter arrived home for his two-year-old daughter that he had penned:

Maj. Robert A. Lane with his wife, LaVerne Shaffer, and their three children, Marilynn, Carl Allen, and Sandra.

My dear Sandra,

I know that a little girl who isn’t quite 2 years old can’t read a letter but perhaps you will be old enough to read before I see you again.

Your Daddy was in the army when you were born and most of your life has been without having met with you. We were just getting to get to know each other when I had to go away and I believe I could have taught you to say Daddy if I could have been with you a little longer. I have watched your brother and sister grow up from a baby too and you have been a very good baby whenever I got to see you.

As you learn to talk and ask for things I want you to pay close attention to what your mother says for your mother knows just what is best for you.

I hope I get to see you again before so very long and then we can really get acquainted.

As ever,


Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart

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Robert A. Lane is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot A, Row 7, Grave 41.