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Paul Edwin Alexander

60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division

Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army

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Grave Location:

Plot E, Row 14, Grave 39

The 60th Infantry Regiment insignia.

SSgt. Paul Edwin Alexander fought with the 60thInfantry Regiment, 9thInfantry Division in North Africa, and landed with his unit at Palermo, the capital of Sicily, in August 1943. He helped the division capture Randazzo and open the way for Gen. Omar Bradley’s 2ndCorps to capture Messina. The 60thRegiment, nicknamed the “Go-Devils,” left Sicily and traveled to Winchester, England, where it trained for D-Day. His regiment landed at Utah Beach on D+5 to reinforce the 4thInfantry Division as part of the drive to capture the crucial port city of Cherbourg. The 9thwas on the northern end of the assault, attacking towards the town of Sainte-Colombe, with the 82ndAirborne on the southern flank.

Alexander at during Basic Training at Camp Wolters, Texas c. July 1942.
To the left, Staff Sgt. Alexander. To his right is his good friend Joseph Schepis from New York. Schepis was killed in action July 15, 1945.

On June 14, 1944 the first day of the attack, Alexander’s Company ‘G’ was held up by machine-gun fire from an enemy strongpoint. He saw the difficulty of the situation and led his squad forward to attack the enemy position. As he moved ahead of his men, he was hit and mortally wounded, but continued on, leading his squad and directing the attack. Alexander threw hand grenades into enemy machine-gun positions, completely silencing the guns, protecting his men, and moving the operation forward. After his death, Alexander was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, America’s second highest honor for heroism. 

To the left is Staff Sgt. Alexander. To the right is his assistant squad Edward McGrath. McGrath was wounded in August 1944.

Awards: Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart

Distinguished Service Cross

Paul Edwin Alexander is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot E, Row 14, Grave 39.