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Normandy American Cemetery Welcome Screen


Produced and Directed by Dog Green Productions

Designed and Programmed by Nomad Mobile Guides

Special thanks to those students and teachers that participated in the National History Day Albert H. Small Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Student & Teacher Institute, and contributed to some of the personal stories within this app: AP U.S. History Students from Carlisle Area High School, Melanie Boulet, Timothy Cohn, Amanda Hoskins, Lynne O’Hara, Ramona Hourt, Ronald Hustvedt, Kalie Indest, Lisa Johansen, Jason Lewis, Matti Martin, Mark McKay, Marlee Raible, Cherie Redelings, Carson Rolleri, Carson Scott, Sabrina Shaw, Michael Shimek, Benjamin Smart, Kenneth Tucker, Kevin Wagner, and Sharon Wlodarczyk.

Additional thanks to:

Air Force Historical Research Agency

Eighth Air Force Historical Society

Imperial War Museum

Library of Congress

National Archives and Records Administration

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force