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Noel D. Mock

26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division

First Lieutenant, U.S. Army

Entered the Service from:




Grave Location:

Plot G, Row 24, Grave 30

1st Lt. Noel D. Mock was born in Quapaw, Okla. On January 10, 1940, Mock enlisted in the Army at the age of 20. Having been assigned to the 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, Mock and his unit were shipped to North Africa in November 1942 where they saw combat in Algeria and Tunisia under Operation Torch, and later participated in the Sicilian Campaign in the summer of 1943.

Noel Mock leans on his brother's chair in Oklahoma prior to the war. His brother, Archie, broke his back as a result of a jack-knifed truck on an icy bridge.
Mock returns home from leave after boot camp with his sister, Margie.
Mock in England in 1943.

On August 5, 1943, in the town of Troina, Sicily, Mock was defending against a counterattack but was unable to set up his mortar in the standard way.  Mock improvised to accomplish his goal by setting his 60mm mortar between his legs and firing several volleys, which found their target. Later that day he found and captured eight German soldiers with just a handgun. The following day he captured four more soldiers in the same location. On September 21, 1943 Mock received a citation for the Distinguished Service Cross that he earned in Italy. He was then promoted to the rank of second lieutenant and was sent to England to prepare for D-Day. Mock would often write letters to his family, asking about his new nieces and nephews.

Mock received a Distinguished Service Cross for his actions in Troina, Sicily (pictured during the war).
The November 25, 1943 edition of the Sand Springs newspaper honors Mock‚ ôs actions in Italy prior to the Normandy Landings.

On June 6, 1944, Mock and E Company landed at Omaha Beach. Despite the difficult and dangerous circumstances, Mock and his unit fought their way into France towards St. Lô. On August 2, 1944, Mock's mother received a telegram stating that he was wounded in action while fighting near St. Lo. Later that day, Mock died of his wounds at the age of 24.

Mock three months before D-Day in England.
1st Infantry Division soldiers look at Omaha Beach as they approach from the water in the early mornings of June 6, 1944.

Awards: Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster

Distinguished Service Cross

Noel D. Mock is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot G, Row 24, Grave 30.