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Normandy American Cemetery Welcome Screen

Normandy American Cemetery Visitor Center: Design and Layout

The Normandy Visitor Center was dedicated in 2007. It contains a permanent exhibition, outlining the significance and main events of Operation Overlord, codename for the D-Day landings.

Cemetery staff members are available at the front desk, located just past the entrance, to assist visitors and provide information. Looking out towards the Normandy coast from inside the visitor center, you will notice an infinity pool. The disappearing edge of the pool visually connects the building with the expanse of the English Channel. 

Constructed out of stone and glass, the visitor center draws its visitors into a space connected to the environment surrounding the cemetery. Sheaves of rock meant to evoke a bombarded bunker hug the terrain. The skylight on the entry level curves, evoking the shape of a parachute hanging above the visitors as they enter. The infinity pool that connects the visitor center with the English Channel links visitors to the memory of those who landed in Operation Overlord by air, land and sea. The stone selected for the floor is flecked with red, symbolizing the blood shed by those who fought for the liberation of Europe.

On the upper level, touch-screen kiosks contain the ABMC Honor Roll, giving visitors the opportunity to look up information about those buried in the Normandy American Cemetery.  

The exhibition continues downstairs with several films that play periodically in addition to exhibitions detailing the events of the Normandy invasion. Interactive kiosks give visitors a chance to explore the history of World War II and to delve deeper into Allied invasion of the continent from the landings at Normandy through to the Liberation of Paris.

The visitor center ends with the Hall of Sacrifice, a space containing the faces and stories of those who participated in and are commemorated at the cemetery.