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Tullio Micaloni

‘B’ Company, 712th Tank Battalion, 90th Infantry Division

Staff Sgt., U.S. Army

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Grave Location:

Plot D, Row 2, Grave 35

Staff Sgt. Tulio Micaloni with an M4 Sherman during training maneuvers in the United States.

SSgt. Tullio Micaloni was born on April 9, 1913, in Oneida, Pa., the third of six children. His parents had immigrated from the Val di Cembra, an area of Northern Italy that at the time was part of Austria. 

Micaloni poses with a Browning Machine Gun during training in 1941.

In 1936, at the age of 23, Micaloni joined the Army, grateful for permanent employment. He served with the 59thCoast Artillery in the Philippines and in January 1939 was he transferred to the 11thCavalry headquartered at The Presidio in Monterey, Calif. 

In the 1930s this scene of the 11th Cavalry participating in Army Day at the Presidio of Montgomery was prevalent. Micaloni joined the 11th Cavalry at the Presido in 1939.

On June 30, 1944 Micaloni’s battalion landed on French shores. The Sherman tanks threaded their way through the wreckage on Omaha Beach, the debris left over from the D-Day assault of June 6. July 3 marked the start of a nine-day encounter with German troops, for the seizure of Mont-Castre (Hill 122) and Le Plessis (Beaucoudray). Every component of the 712thTank Battalion was utilized to support various regiments of the 90th Infantry Division.

B Company of the 712th Tank Battalion pose for a group picture.
Near St. Jores, France, 90th Division infantrymen inch forward, while flanked by a tank, as they push through Normandy, July 1944.

On July 26, during a battle to take the town of Périers, Micaloni’s tank struck a stack of land mines near the Ford of Hausley Quarry and exploded. Micaloni was killed at age 31. The town was liberated the following day. Micaloni is one of four 90thDivision GIs memorialized on a monument in Périers.

Staff Sergeant Tulio Micaloni

Micaloni is one of four 90th Division GIs memorialized on a monument in Périers.

"The Four Braves" Monument commemorates the 90th ID and the liberation of Periers, France on July 27, 1944. It depicts Andrew Speese, Richard Richtman, Tullio Micaloni, and Virgil Tangborn. Micaloni is shown gesturing for his tank crew to roll forward.

Awards: Purple Heart

Tullio Micaloni is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot D, Row 2, Grave 35.