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Arthur F. Kueker

357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division

Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army

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Grave Location:

Plot F, Row 21, Grave 42

The 357th Infantry Regiment insignia.

SSgt. Arthur F. Kueker was born in Colorado and became a member of the 357thInfantry Regiment after enlisting. Following months of training and corps maneuver exercises, the regiment was shipped to England in March of 1944, where they underwent intensive training before D-Day. Kueker and his unit landed on Utah Beach on June 8, 1944.

Staff Sgt. Arthur F. Kueker underneath the I Company of the 357th Infantry Regiment flag at his base.
USS LCI(L)-326 off-loading 90th Infantry Division troops into LCVPs for Normandy on June 6, 1944.
Men of the 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division pause on the Utah Beach Road Sector De La Madeleine. June 8, 1944.

Six days later, on June 14, Kueker and Pfc. John M. Horvatin advanced against a mortar and a machine gun position that were holding up their unit with intense fire. Kueker and Horvatin, without thought of personal safety, worked their way to the point from which they knocked out the mortars with hand grenades. Then, having no more hand grenades, they turned upon the machine gun position and assaulted it with their bayonets. In the ensuing action Kueker was killed, but his heroism made possible the continued success of his unit. Kueker was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action, as well as a Purple Heart.

90th Infantry Division troops advance into Normandy, France only days after their landing at Utah Beach. June 12, 1944.
The 90th Infantry Division Memorial at Utah Beach.

Awards: Silver Star, Purple Heart

Arthur F. Kueker is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot F, Row 21, Grave 42.