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Howard M. Henry

1st Ranger Battalion

Technician Fourth Class, U.S. Army

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Grave Location:

Plot B, Row 18, Grave 5

Commando Basic Training Centre, Achnacarry, Inverness-shire, 1942.

Technician 4thClass Howard M. Henry served in the 1stRanger Battalion during the beginning of World War II.

Assault landing under 'enemy' fire, Commando Basic Training Centre, Achnacarry, Inverness-shire, 1942.

The first Americans to see active combat in the European Theater of Operations were 44 enlisted men and five officers from the 1stRanger Battalion who served in  Operation Jubilee, also known as the Dieppe Raid, in August 1942. This small group of Americans was attached to a larger force of 5,000 Canadians and 1,000 British troops in an amphibious assault on the German-occupied port of Dieppe, France. The Allied operation consisted of several goals. The first was to seize and hold the port in order to gather intelligence. Then, Allied forces would destroy enemy coastal defenses and strategic buildings upon retreat and ultimately boost morale.

A landing craft taking part in Operation Jubilee, during the raid on Dieppe.

Despite these intentions, the operation was disastrous. The raid took place on the northern coast of France along the English Channel on August 19, 1942. The assault began at 5:00 a.m. and by 10:50 a.m. the Allied commanders were forced to call a retreat. The Allies had found themselves trapped on the beach by German fire and obstacles, and severely underequipped for the mission. Henry and two other American Rangers were killed during the landing. Almost 60 percent of the men who made it to shore that day were killed, wounded, or captured.

Memorial for those Rangers killed during the Raid on Dieppe, making them the first US soldiers to die for the Liberation of France. T/4 Howard M. Henry is the last name on the list.

Awards: Purple Heart

Howard M. Henry is buried in Normandy American Cemetery Plot B, Row 18, Grave 5.