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Normandy American Cemetery Welcome Screen

How to Read a Wall of the Missing Entry

NAME:The individual's name appears first.

RANK:Next along the row is the individual's rank.

UNIT INFO: Following the individual's rank is the their unit.

Unit abbreviations:

  • ABN – Airborne
  • ARMD – Armored
  • BN – Battalion
  • BOMB – Bombardment
  • CAV – Cavalry
  • DIV – Division
  • FA – Field Artillery
  • FTR – Fighter
  • GP – Group *(M) designates medium bombers, (H) designates heavy bombers
  • INF – Infantry Regiment
  • PRCHT – Parachute
  • RCN – Reconnaissance
  • SQ – Squadron

DIED ON:Next along the row is the individual's date of death.

STATE:The final entry on the row is the state from which the individual enlisted.

bronze rosettedesignates that the individual's body was recovered after having been entered on the Tablets of the Missing.