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Normandy American Cemetery Welcome Screen

The Chapel

The circular chapel in the graves area is constructed of Vaurion limestone except for its steps, which are made of granite. Surmounting the chapel is a bronze finial with an armillary sphere that serves as a lightning rod. On the outside wall of the north of its entrance are two inscriptions separated by an engraved star. Directly above the chapel’s exterior door is an engraved replica of the Medal of Honor, the United States’ highest award for valor. 

The engraved replica of the Congressional Medal of Honor on the exterior of the chapel.

There are six grave plots between the memorial and the chapel, making the chapel the heart of the cemetery. From an aerial perspective, the chapel is the center of the Latin cross created by the cemetery’s layout.

Inside the chapel, there is a beautiful stained glass window behind the altar, illuminating the chapel with soft yellow light. On the glass around the edges of the window are 48 stars representing the then 48 states. Immediately above the altar table is a Star of David with a dove in the center of the star. Affixed to the lower half of the window is a thin teakwood Latin cross, the sides of which are encased in gold-leaf copper. The altar sits on a two-tiered platform of travertine limestone quarried in France and is flanked on both sides by flags of the United States, France, Great Britain, and Canada. 

The altar inside the chapel is inscribed with 'I Give Unto Them Eternal Life And They Shall Never Perish.'

The ceiling holds a colorful mosaic symbolizing the United States’ fight for freedom, and France’s gratefulness to those Americans who died while liberating Europe’s oppressed peoples. It was designed and executed by Leon Kroll of New York City. The United States blesses her sons as they depart by sea and air to fight for freedom, and France bestows a laurel wreath  signifying victory upon American dead who gave their lives to liberate Europe’s oppressed peoples. The return of peace is illustrated by the angel, dove and the homeward bound ship.

The mosaic ceiling depicts Lady Liberty sending soldiers and ships to France. The second woman, representing France crowns the American dead with a laurel wreath of peace.

The interior walls of the chapel are also constructed from travertine limestone quarried in France. Inscribed on the south interior wall is the inscription: "Through the gate of death may they pass to their joyful resurrection." Above this inscription lies a Latin cross in relief carved on a circle. Separating the inscription and cross are three small, engraved stars. 

Directly opposite on the north interior wall of the chapel is the inscription: "Think not only upon their passing remember the glory of their spirit." Over the inscription are the tablets of Moses surmounted by a Star of David carved in relief on the circle. Separating the inscription and the tablets are three small, engraved stars.