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Normandy American Cemetery Welcome Screen

General Layout

The cemetery is an  “L” shape flipped horizontally. The smaller leg is positioned on the right side of the cemetery, in a north to south direction; the parking lot and visitor building are in this location.  The main part of the cemetery is parallel with the coastline.

An avenue bordered by hedgerows, about 0.5 miles in length, leads from the D-514 highway to the main entrance at the southeast corner of the cemetery.  The parking lot is located to the northeast of the entrance. To the west of the parking lot is the administration building. Embedded in the lawn directly opposite the entrance to the administration building is the time capsule. To the north of the parking lot is the visitor center.

On your journey from the visitor center westward you will reach the garden of the missing, then the memorial and subsequently The Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves statue.  To the north of the memorial lies the overlook area, which has panoramic views of Omaha Beach and the English Channel. Continuing westward from the memorial, you will reach the beautiful reflective pool and two flagpoles from which two American flags fly daily.  On your walk up the central mall through the burial area, you will next reach the chapel. Here a narrower north-south mall intersects the central mall. At the end of the central mall there are two statues made of Italian granite representing the United States and France. Encircling the cemetery is a road and footpath for visitors.