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79th Division - Lorraine Division

The 79th Division, National Army, was established on August 5, 1917 at Camp Meade, Md. Draftees from Maryland (7,069), Pennsylvania (32,643), and the District of Columbia (929) originally composed the division. All units arrived in Europe by August 3, 1918.

Machine Gun Company of the 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division, passing through Malancourt on the way to the front.

On September 8, 1918, the division was ordered to cease training and start movement to the front for participation in the war’s final offensive, Meuse-Argonne. On September 26, 1918, the first day of the offensive, the 79thparticipated in a general attack and captured the towns of Haucort and Malancourt.

The next day the formidable position of Montfaucon fell.

Members of the 79th Infantry Division advance through Montfaucon after its capture on September 26, 1918.

The division then advanced through the Bous de Beuge. It made three attacks on the Madeleine Farm, a German stronghold on the southern edge of the Bois de Cunel, before turning that battle over to the 3rdDivision. The final major push of the Meuse-Argonne was launched on November 2, 1918 and the 79thDivision was in the first wave of the attack.

An aerial map of enemy machine gun positions and wire entanglements that men of the 79th Infantry Division had to overcome during the rush for Montfaucon.

At 0600 hours on November 9, 1918 the division attacked to seize Crepion, Wavrille, Gibercy, Etraye, and Moirey. By nightfall on November 10, 1918 Chaumont-devant-Damvillers and Hill 319 had also fallen to the 79th. On November 11, 1918 the division took Ville-devant-Chaumont, and was advancing up the west slope of Cote de Romange when the Armistice took effect.

Men of the 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division, during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in the fall of 1918.

Constituent Units of the 79thDivision

157thInfantry Brigade

  • 313thInfantry Regiment
  • 314thInfantry Regiment
  • 311thMachine Gun Battalion

154thField Artillery Brigade

  • 310thField Artillery Regiment
  • 311thField Artillery Regiment
  • 312thField Artillery Regiment
  • 304thTrench Mortar Battery

158thInfantry Brigade

  • 315thInfantry Regiment
  • 316thInfantry Regiment
  • 312thMachine Gun Battalion

Divisional Troops

  • 310thMachine Gun Battalion
  • 304thEngineer Regiment
  • 304thField Signal Battalion
  • Headquarters Troops
79th Division Insignia stained glass in the memorial chapel at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.