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29th Division - The Blue and the Gray

The 29thDivision brought together National Guard units from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, and moved to Camp McClellan, Ala. in August 1917 for training. For their insignia they chose the Yin-Yang symbol, with one half colored blue and the other colored gray, to represent the confluence of units from the former enemy armies in the Civil War.

The 29th Division left for Europe during June and July 1918, and proceeded to the 10th Training Area near Prauthoy, France. “The Blue and the Gray” took command of the Rhine-Rhone canal area of the sector from August 9 until September 22, 1918 when they were relieved by the French 38th Division.

H Company of the 115th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Division, France.

The 29th braced itself for heavier fighting when it moved to the Verdun-sur-Meuse area. It was re-assigned to the American First Army and on 8 October 8, 1918 joined the Meuse-Argonne Operation. The Division eventually reached the Bois d’Ormont before being relieved by the American 26th Division on the night of October 16, 1918. The 29th attacked again on October 23, 1918 and successfully reached its objectives; it took Hill 361 in the Boise d’Etrayes and extended the line south of Hill 370 in the Bois de Grande Montagne. After these triumphs, the 79th Division relieved the 29th, which moved to Vavincourt and Tronville before the Armistice ended hostilities on November 11, 1918.

Constituent Units of the 29th Division

57thInfantry Brigade

  • 113thInfantry Regiment
  • 114thInfantry Regiment
  • 111thMachine Gun Battalion

58thInfantry Brigade

  • 115thInfantry Regiment
  • 116thInfantry Regiment
  • 112thMachine Gun Battalion

54thField Artillery Brigade    

  • 110thField Artillery Regiment
  • 111thField Artillery Regiment
  • 112thField Artillery Regiment
  • 104thTrench Mortar Battery

Divisional Troops

  • 110thMachine Gun Company
  • 104thEngineer Regiment
  • 104thField Signal Battalion
  • Headquarters Troops
29th Division Insignia stained glass in the memorial chapel at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.
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