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Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Welcome Screen

The Lost Battalion

All that remained of the ‚ Lost Battalion‚ of the 77th Division after having been cut off by the enemy for five days.

The 77thDivision occupied the left flank of the First Army Corps and was tasked with clearing the Argonne Forest with support of units to its left and right. The division entered the thick woods on September 26.

Six companies within the division’s 308th Infantry Regiment advanced beyond the U.S. units protecting the 77th’s flanks on October 2. These troops quickly became isolated and surrounded by German forces.  The vulnerable soldiers held strong for five days, until October 7 when relief finally reached them.  During this time they refused to surrender, suffered heavy casualties, and faced numerous adversities. 

The units involved were labeled the “Lost Battalion,” even though they were never actually lost. Many members of the “Lost Battalion” became heroes and celebrities after the war. Seven soldiers involved received the Medal of Honor for their bravery during the ordeal.