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Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Welcome Screen

General Layout

A view of the memorial chapel and central mall.

The Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery is rectangular in shape and spreads over 130.5 acres in extent. The cemetery can be entered at both the east and west ends of the central entrance mall. The north and south sides of the central mall are lined with a road bordered by a double avenue of beech trees, meeting at a circular reflection pool in the center of the mall. 

Paved pathways surround the grave plots.

To the north of the central entrance mall, at the northern side of the cemetery, lies the cemetery's visitor center as well as a service area. To reach the visitor center, visitors can take the perimeter road that encircles the cemetery. A stone wall more than 1.5 miles long also encompasses the cemetery. 

Exterior of the memorial chapel.

To the south of the central entrance mall is a secondary mall running from the reflection pool to the memorial chapel. Four rectangular grave plots are located on each side of this north-south mall. Each grave plot is surrounded by square trimmed linden trees. At the southern side of the cemetery, past the eight grave plots, visitors can find the Meuse-Argonne Memorial Chapel. Two flagstaffs are located to the right and left of the memorial chapel. 

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