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Charles Asa Moffett

112th Sanitary Trains, 37th Division

Private First Class, U.S. Army

Entered the Service from:




Grave Location:

Plot D, Row 3, Grave 1

Pfc. Charles Asa Moffett was born on June 21, 1897 in Alderson, W.V., and he attended high school in Columbus, Ohio. On May 23, 1918 he enlisted with the Ohio National Guard. He was initially assigned to the 147th Infantry Regiment, but subsequently transferred to the 147th Ambulance Company, 112th Sanitary Trains, 37th Division. The sanitary train was equivalent to what would later be called a medical battalion. It consisted of an ambulance unit, a field hospital unit and medical supply unit, all attached to a division.

His division departed for Europe in June 1918 and traveled to the Bourmont Area of France for further training. His division entered the front lines on August 4, 1918, taking over the Baccarat Sector of the Western front in Lorraine. They participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive between September 26 and 30, and were transferred to the Pannes Sector of Lorraine to relieve the 89th Division from October 7 to 16. They were then transferred to the French XXX Corps in Belgium, replacing the French 132nd Division on October 30. They attacked on the morning of October 31, advancing across the Escaut/Scheldt River by November 4, 1918.

On November 4, Moffett was providing medical support near the front line. Working from a shelter for protection against enemy artillery, Moffett and three other men alongside him provided first aid to injured personnel. During an attempt to help injured personnel outside the shelter, Moffett was struck and killed by a grenade fragment.

Charles Asa Moffett is buried in Flanders Field American Cemetery Plot D, Row 3, Grave 1.