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Kenneth Mac Leish

United States Naval Reserve

Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

Entered the Service from:




Grave Location:

Plot B, Row 4, Grave 1

Lt. Kenneth Mac Leish served with the U.S. Navy during World War I as an aviator flying with the Royal Air Force. He was born in Glencoe, Ill., on September 19, 1894. He attended Yale College as part of the class of 1918.  He became as a volunteer with the First Yale Unit, the first naval reserve unit, created by Yale students in 1916. On March 26, 1917 he left school at 22 years old . He entered the Naval Reserve Flying Corps as an electrician, second class. On August 31, 1917 he was appointed as an ensign in the Naval Reserve Flying Corps, and was promoted to lieutenant in the summer of 1918.

He participated in air raids over enemy lines from airfields in France, but was transferred in September 1918 to Eastleigh, England where he participated in raids with the Royal Air Force. On October 14, 1918, his Sopwith Camel aircraft was shot down, and Mac Leish crash-landed near Schoore, Belgium. He escaped the crash but was found dead nearby, and was buried in a temporary grave by a local.

He was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously. After the end of the war his remains were transferred to the Flanders Field American Cemetery.

Awards: Navy Cross

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Kenneth Mac Leish is buried in Flanders Field American Cemetery Plot B, Row 4, Grave 1.